Tips for a Safe New Year’s Eve

Stay safe as you ring in the New Year! It’s almost time to celebrate the end of 2017 and the fresh beginning of 2018! As New Year’s Eve is an occasion to celebrate, the last thing you want is to experience a disaster or injury. Whether you choose to watch the ball drop or attend a party with friends and family, certain celebrations come with a great deal of risk. Ring in the New Year with these SEE MORE      >

Tips for Winterizing Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Are you heading away for the holidays? Leave your home alone, safely. Many Americans head out on vacation for the holidays, whether it’s to the sea or the ski slopes. But before you pack your bags and head out, take the time to the leave your home alone safe and sound. Winterizing your home helps to leave it in good condition while you’re not occupying the space. Clean out the fridge. No one SEE MORE      >