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Do You Need Homeowners Insurance Endorsements?

Your homeowners insurance may need additional coverage.  When disaster strikes your home, your home insurance is supposed to be there to help you pick the pieces! Most of the time, it does. However, every coverage has its limits. Within your property insurance coverage, an endorsement is an amendment to your homeowners insurance, safeguarding your personal belongings and finances. As a proud SEE MORE      >

Squash Recipe to Whip Up in the Harvest Season!

Warm up this season with this delightful squash soup. Now that the nights are coming to a close and the temperatures are dropping, it’s time to get out the sweaters and warm up with a hearty meal. Instead of turning to stews or casseroles tonight, why not make the most of the season? Whip up this seasonal squash soup to warm up and enjoy the taste of fall! Seasonal squash SEE MORE      >