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How to Protect Yourself Against Winter Home Hazards

Reduce your risk of homeowners insurance hazards this winter. Winter is here, and although it brings us festive and fun holidays with the family, it also brings freezing temperatures and adverse weather. If your home is not prepared for the winter months, it could end up costing you. Take a look at these three home hazards that could mean disaster – and how to avoid them. Frozen SEE MORE      >

Safeguard Your Vehicle Against Road Salt

Reduce salt corrosion with basic car care. In many parts of the country, winter is going strong. That means there is black ice, snow, and sleet. Thankfully, your local Department of Transportation will already be out there plowing and salting the roads to make them as safe as possible. Salt helps to melt snow and ice on the roads, and it also provides extra traction when combined with salt. SEE MORE      >