Happy Clients, Happy Us

Recent reviews from our customers

We listen to our customers needs and advise them on the best possible insurance options. Our success is measured one client at a time. As an independent insurance agency it’s very important how our clients feel about their experience with us. Happy customers and long term insurance clients is what we strive for. These reviews affirm that we can be your trusted source for all your insurance needs. Request a Quote Today!

“Kurt, you guys are always willing to give fair and trustworthy advice. We really appreciate that!”

– Robert B., customer since 2013

“Excellent service from Kurt Rolf Agency. We have relied on the agency for years and can trust them to consistently act in our best interests.”

– Michael G., customer since 2011

We love Kurt and his team! They are super responsive, quick and accommodating with all of our needs.

– Jan M., customer since 2015

“Kurt and Mary have been EXTREMELY helpful and answer all of my questions as well as my now adult daughter. They have been easy to work with and continue to try to get the best and lowest rates possible. I appreciate their quick response as well. I feel positive they have their customers best interest in mind at all times. Thank you!!”

– Mattie B., customer since 2010

“I have been using Kurt Rolf Agency for many years and am extremely happy. Kurt and his staff always get back to me in a timely manner and make sure that I have the best policy for my family and me. I highly recommend them.”

– Janeice B., customer since 2014

“Supportive and quick to respond. They have never failed me or overcharged in comparing to ‘the going rate.’ I live on the North Shore now and considered switching my provider 9-years ago when I moved. I decided Kurt Rolf was exactly what a person would want in an agent and have never again considered a change based on the way I am honored and treated as a customer. Thank you.”

– Dave L., customer since 2019

“You made the process easy for me and saved me money. I liked that you pointed out I was getting more value than I had before with State Farm.”

– Matt D., customer since 2019

The Kurt Rolf agency is awesome! They are always available and extremely knowledgeable. 5 Stars! Best regards.

– Chadler A., customer since 2013

“Kurt and his staff have provided my family consistent & responsive service for nearly two decades. They always work hard to make sure we are getting the best deal. Kurt and my auto mechanic are the only two service providers that I haven’t changed throughout the years. Reliability is a valuable thing!”

– Jennifer J., customer since 2014

“You make it so easy to have insurance. Kurt answers all my questions promptly. They reviewed all my needs and saved me about $1,000/year. I referred my son and he saw savings too. Thank you!”

– Stacy K., Customer since 2015

“They are great! Fast and efficient.”

– Julius Z., customer since 2015

“After many years of zero incidents, I had a challenging 2 years of auto claims. I’m a 14 year fleet administrator, and no stranger to dealing with accidents. Three times I’ve needed to make claims, your team was there to walk me through my options. You do not get that kind of service from a call center employee.”

– William H., customer since 2012

“Kurt Rolf Ins Agency has the best interest of their clients in mind. Always helping to find the best coverage at the lowest prices. All staff are friendly and willing to answer my questions in an expedited manner. Thank you very much for the great service!!”

– Sherry L., customer since 2011

Customer since 2019

“I have always had such professional treatment, good rates and instant response from you all. Your respect and compassion for me as a client has been outstanding. You provide service as it should be provided rather than pushing clients off into technology options and recorder messages. I could not be more satisfied and happy that you are my provider. Such a rare find in today’s world! Thank you.”

– Suzabelle J., customer since 2019

“Even though we thought it was a scam since we don’t discuss business with them often, the agency was respectful in ensuring us that they were indeed our insurance agent The agency kept my husband & I informed of changes, they were honest with us & they were quick to respond. The process was smooth, Thanks!”

– Dennis C., customer since 2014

“I’ve been with Kurt and his team for many years. They are super helpful, responsive, and accommodating to new situations or changes.”

– Thomas K., customer since 2014

“I like that you are local in Hopkins and it’s easy to stop in and ask questions if needed. I have always received prompt service when I called or emailed with an inquiry as well.”

– Jennifer H., customer since 2000

“I know I can rely on the people at the Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency to look out for my best interests. I appreciate the excellent service provided.”

– Sincerely, Michael R. Beasley, Hopkins MN

“The staff at the Kurt Rolf agency have always been helpful in answering my questions and have notified me when they have found a way for me to save money on my insurance. I have recommended them many times to others and will continue to do so.”

– Jacob L., customer since 2016

“Good cooperation between the car dealer and your agency. They needed some information which I didn’t have. They were able to call your agency for the necessary information. Transfer my policy to the new vehicle & it went very well. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.”

– Customer since 2017

“Very responsive to any inquiries or questions. Office staff is friendly and very welcoming. Kurt Rolf knows what he is talking about and makes sure you get the coverage that’s best for you. I like the shop local feel that makes it a special place. Thanks Rolf Agency.”

– Robert T., customer since 2012

“Whenever we need insurance questions answered or we need a document faxed over for any reason, Kurt Rolf and his team are quick to answer. I think this is our 20th year with the agency.”

– Curtis J., customer since 1999

“Kurt helped me in a timely manner when my place flooded. He also did a follow up call to make sure everything was going ok and asked if there was anything else he could do. Thanks Kurt.”

– Bruce K., customer since 2019

“I purchased a new vehicle and added it to my policy using the carriers website. Well this resulted in neglecting to add windshield coverage and I did not discover this until I needed a windshield replacement. Your office set me up with a vendor for out of pocket windshield replacement. Your recommend vendor came in well under the quotes I received from national vendors.”

– William H., customer since 2012

“We really appreciated the shopping with a $1500.00 savings on home and auto, you really went to bat for us and saved us a bunch of cash!!”

– Bob E., Customer since 2012

“I have been partnering with Kurt and his team for my personal insurance needs for at least 15 years. Kurt always works to make sure I am getting the best rates each time my family’s coverage needs have changed over the years. Highly recommended as a personable insurance guy who’s on your side!”

– Jen P., customer since 2014

“Prompt & courteous. Professional advice and commitment to getting me the best price for all my insurance needs. i have been with these great people for years and have had the most professional & best experience with them to date. I have worked with everyone and they are all friendly and helpful when i have questions and they get me answers very quickly. I also have 12 month policies, not 6, that is a big plus with me. Keep up the great work.”

– Dwayne W., customer since 2011

“I believe that your agency actually cares about your clients. I have been with a number of other agencies who after the sale, simply Forget about you and your changing needs. I am Very Happy with your agency and have recommended you to many Friends.”

– Jacob V., customer since 2012

“Kurt was referred to me by a friend. I am so happy because I always feel like Kurt helps me find the best coverage at the best rate. He is less like a salesman and more like a neighbor that has your back. There are several times I’ve called with questions & I always find quick resolution. Once I was pulled over (new vehicle) and I called Kurt because I didn’t have my insurance card in the car. It was during the weekend. He called right back and helped me locate it online. He’s just the best. I even referred my dad to him!”

– Tavia T., customer since 2015

“It is great to have a live person to talk to and to follow up with the services provided. Kurt gives you the best options for your needs and discusses the specifics of each, so you can make an accurate decision.”

– Customer since 2014

“I have for years recommended you because every time I call I get the nicest greeting on the phone by everyone and you always seem like you remember me even if you don’t. I always get my questions answered quickly and have never had an issue ever!!! You guys nailed consistency in how to take care of your clients.”

Kari H., customer since 2000

“Responded to my message very promptly. Kurt gave me some tips regarding contractors and buying/selling in general–what to try to avoid. Took all details over the phone, which eliminated the need for an office visit. Generally cooperative, pleasant and professional. Thank you!”

– Rose W., customer since 2015

“We have been with Kurt and his agency for many years and have always been extremely happy with the service. Working with an experienced professional has been key for us and our family in finding the best coverage and rates.”

– Michael M., customer since 2006

“Not being tied to a specific insurance company allows Kurt, Theresa and Mary the ability to find the most cost effective policy. They are always a phone call or email away if there are any questions.”

– Tigh S., customer since 2012

“Kurt, we so appreciate your personal and quick attention to our insurance needs. When my husband became an UBER driver, you did the research and immediately changed us over to a cost effective, appropriate plan. It is assuring that you and your staff are always only a phone call away to answer any questions in a friendly, knowledgeable manner. Thank you for your great service!”

– Customer since 2011

“I have been with your company for quite some time now. Mary is a Class A person to deal with. Whenever i have a question about my policies, she has the answer for me very quickly. I have asked other insurance companies what their rates are and i have not found anyone who is as competitive as your company. I really like the fact that all my insurance policies are a 12 month term as all the others are only 6 months. To you and your staff, keep up the great work. I will never switch companies as long as i need insurance. Thanks for looking after all my needs.”

– Dwayne W., customer since 2011

“Kurt and his staff always answer our inquiries in a timely manner! We always feel like we are important. We have been with Kurt for 5 plus years! They are kind, caring and very helpful with anything that has to do with home and auto insurance!!”

– Carol B., customer since 2015

“I ALWAYS feel like Kurt is on my side and working for me; not the insurance agencies. He, Mary & Theresa are quick to respond and so very helpful. I couldn’t be happier!”

– Tavia T., customer since 2015

“Very fast response time. Kurt takes ownership. He’s committed to best quality at the lowest rate.”

– Roger B., customer since 2018

“I can always get in touch with your team for questions, and to ask for other insurance options if necessary.”

Gary M., customer since 2009