Do You Have Enough Home Insurance Coverage?

Confused about your home insurance coverage? We help you to find the right cover.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a one-bedroom flat or a five-bedroom detached house, your home is no doubt your castle. So it’s important to make sure that you have the right protection in place in case something should go wrong. Reviewing homeowners insurance at least once a year is an absolute must.

Homeowners insurance is there to protect your home after a disaster. It helps to rebuild, repair, and replace your home and belongings after a covered peril. What’s more, your finances needn’t take a hit after an accident or liability issue. However, even if you have a current policy in place, you may not always be as covered as you think you are. When your lifestyle and needs change, your policy will need to be updated. Reviewing your home insurance is the only way to make sure you know you’re covered!


When it comes to purchasing insurance, you’ll have two options, replacement cost or actual cost. Replacement cost coverage will help to ‘replace’ your item. Actual cost value coverage pays to replace your home or possessions minus a deduction for depreciation up to the limit of your policy. A replacement cost pays the cost of replacing your home or possessions up to the limit of your policy. Read the fine print and update your home inventory to ensure that you have the right coverage and the right amount!


Additions and interior renovations, such as a new kitchen or remodeled bathroom, could push your home past its current insured value. Some improvements may also come with unexpected insurance costs. For example, if you put in a new pool or buy a trampoline, you may need umbrella liability insurance.

Ask the Experts

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that your home’s replacement cost value is the same as the price that you paid for it. You’ll have to factor in rebuilding costs as well as the cost of materials, too. To determine the right level of coverage, ask for an estimate from your local contractor and seek advice from your home insurance agent.

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