Home Repairs You Shouldn’t DIY

Home Repairs You Shouldn’t DIY

Some things are just better left to the professionals.

While you may have painted your bedroom or caulked your shower on your own, there are certain home repairs that even the most avid DIY-er shouldn’t touch.  These repairs are often dangerous and can lead to serious damage if handled incorrectly.  Here are some of the home repairs that you should definitely leave to the experts.

Electrical Repairs

Working with electricity is extremely dangerous, which is why the average homeowner shouldn’t try to handle electrical repairs on their own.  If handled incorrectly, electrical wiring can lead to a major house fire or, worse, can lead to a fatal electrical shock.  Because most electrical repairs also require a permit, it’s safer and more legally advisable to leave these issues to a licensed electrician.

Plumbing Repairs

Though you may have successfully installed your new showerhead, more intensive plumbing projects can quickly get out of hand if you don’t have the necessary experience.  Because much of your home’s piping is made of copper, plumbing repairs often involve welding experience.  Additionally, as even a minor water leak can lead to thousands of dollars of damage to your home, it’s better to call a plumber to handle your home’s plumbing issues.

Tree Removal

While tree removal seems like a simple, straightforward process, things can get messy very quickly.  Even if the tree is small, it’s roots can go very deep.  To make things more complicated, if the tree is close to your home, removing it incorrectly could damage your home’s foundation and lead to expensive repairs.  Save yourself some trouble and some money and leave this task to the professionals.

Don’t get over your head with these home repairs; trust the experts instead.  If you already have a home DIY project gone south, then the insurance experts at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency can help.  Contact our team to get the protection your home needs.  We serve all your insurance needs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, South Dakota, and Arizona.