What is an Additional Insured?

Does your business know how to handle an Additional Insured? You may think you know the ins and outs of your business insurance, but do you know what an additional insured is and when this applies to your business? Learn more about what this is and if your business needs to add someone to coverage. When subcontractors perform work for general contractors, they typically need to show the SEE MORE      >

What Are the Responsibilities of a Life Insurance Policyholder?

Understand what you need to do as a life insurance policyholder.   Most people purchase insurance coverage because they know they need the protection. Then, they promptly forget about it and hope that it works when they need it. Although it’s a good rule of thumb to review your coverage at least annually, this tip becomes especially important when dealing with life insurance. As a life insurance SEE MORE      >

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling Over the Holidays

Tips to help you stay healthy while traveling during the festive season. No one plans to get sick on vacation, but it does happen. Among the gas stations, public restrooms, close quarters of an airplane, and cooler weather, it’s possible to pick up a bug along the way. To avoid getting sick and missing out on festive fun, check out these simple things you can do to ensure you’re staying healthy SEE MORE      >