Snow Removal and Your Insurance – Is It Covered?

Does your insurance help you remove snow?  As the winter weather approaches, we brace ourselves for the harsh and cold weather ahead. Since snowfall across the country could be likely, it’s important that homeowners prepare themselves for clearing their properties, driveway, and vehicles of snow. This can help to prevent injuries, fines, and further damage. You are legally required to shovel SEE MORE      >

Tips to Avoid the Dangers of Black Ice

Tips for driving on black ice.   Mother Nature has thrown some treacherous weather at us recently. Now that winter is approaching, we face new driving hazards we should all look out for. Temperatures that hover around the freezing mark create perfect conditions for fog, freezing fog, and black ice. Black ice is a thin sheet of ice that glazes on a surface and makes it very slick. One of the many SEE MORE      >

What Can Void a Home Insurance Policy?

Situations that can invalidate home insurance. Your homeowners insurance is designed to protect you against perils and disasters. Most of the time, it does. However, there can be occasions where the homeowner makes a common error that leads to their home insurance policy getting cancelled. To continue protecting your property and finances, here are a few things that can void your home SEE MORE      >