Does Your Auto Insurance Travel Out of State?

Does Your Auto Insurance Travel Out of State?

Does Your Auto Insurance Travel Out of State?Are you covered when you drive out of state?

Planning a cross-country road trip? If so, you’re probably wondering whether your auto insurance covers you when you cross state lines. Read on to learn how your car insurance travels with you.

Where am I covered?

If you have car insurance, then you are covered no matter where you travel in the United States. This means that even if you have auto insurance from Florida, you will be covered for an accident that occurs in California.

Where/When am I not covered?

While you have coverage throughout the Unites States, this is only true when you are temporarily traveling through a state. If you are planning on moving to a state permanently, then you will have to get a new insurance policy to meet your new state’s insurance minimums. Additionally, your car coverage does not extend to other countries. If you are planning to drive in Mexico, for instance, then you will need to get Mexican car insurance to ensure that you are covered.

What happens if I get into an accident while out of state?

When you drive outside your own state, you are actually more likely to get into an accident. This is largely because you are forced to travel on unfamiliar roads. Luckily, if an accident does occur, your insurance has you covered. Your auto insurer will compare your policy coverage with the state’s minimum insurance coverages. If the state’s minimum insurance requirements are higher than your policy’s coverage, your insurer will cover you up to the higher limit.

This is how your auto insurance travels with you as you cross state lines. Do you have more questions regarding your auto insurance coverage? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency. Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, South Dakota, and Arizona; our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your coverage needs.