Where to Start with Your First Auto Insurance Policy

Top tips for first-time car insurance buyers. As a first-time driver, you may be excited about your new set of wheels. Before you take off on the road to freedom, keep in mind that you need to secure reliable auto insurance. Although car insurance may not be the first thing a new driver thinks about, it’s very important. To help you find adequate coverage, take a look at these tips. Know SEE MORE      >

Safeguard Your Vehicle Against Road Salt

Reduce salt corrosion with basic car care. In many parts of the country, winter is going strong. That means there is black ice, snow, and sleet. Thankfully, your local Department of Transportation will already be out there plowing and salting the roads to make them as safe as possible. Salt helps to melt snow and ice on the roads, and it also provides extra traction when combined with salt. SEE MORE      >