Fire Up That Classic Car in Storage

Get Your Classic Car Out of Storage

Get Your Classic Car Out of StorageGet your classic car out of storage and ready for the road with this guide. 

You’ve got a real beauty that’s been sitting in the garage during this brutal winter.  The beautiful days of Spring are near and it’s time to get her in shape for the open road.  Here are some tips on how to get your vintage beauty ready for the road.

Change the oil. If the oil has been sitting for three or more months, it’s likely to have water and acids in it too which can harm your engine. While you’re in their, change the oil filter too!

Flush the old gasoline. Flush the fuel lines and any gas in the carburetor float bowls. This may seem excessive, but old gas can give cars trouble.  If your car won’t start, you’ll know it’s not because of old gas.

Make sure the battery has power. Have a freshly charged battery and keep it warm until you’re ready to ride.

Drain the old coolant. Corrosion inhibitors that are now put in coolant have a tendency to eat away at rust inside your cooling system. If you flush out the coolant it will eliminate the possibility of blockages in your cooling system.

Replace the brake fluid. Check that the brake fluid levels are in order, and if your classic car has been sitting around, it’d be best to change it out. And while you’re down there, it’s best to also check the emergency brake,

You’re now ready to fire that baby up.  Don’t rev your engine, rather let it idle until it heats up to operating temperature. Check the brakes, the turn signals, the tires, and make sure she isn’t leaking.  It’s better to take a short ride around the block for starters.  If all systems are go, then you’re free to hit the open road!

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