Are You Ready for an Emergency? Prepare Your Home for the Unexpected

Are You Ready for an Emergency?Follow these tips to best secure you and your family in case of emergency.

The new year is the perfect time to make improvements in your life. What better place to begin these improvements than your home? The unexpected can, and will, strike at any time; create peace of mind and safety for you and your family by going through each room and making some changes.

  • Every room should have emergency lighting in case the power goes out. Flashlights and battery powered touch lights are great. Avoid candles and oil lamps as they can be fire hazardous.
  • Every floor should have a fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector. It is better if they are close to bedrooms to alert people if they are sleeping the fastest.
  • The front entry should have a strong lock and deadbolt to protect against forced entry and break ins. An inside lock is best to make it impossible to pick. Have a 72-hour kit close to the front door in case you have to leave the home and find shelter somewhere else during an emergency. Store enough necessities for 72 hours in a backpack and locate it close to your front door.
  • First aid kits are essential for emergency situations. Make sure bathrooms are stocked with first aid kits, one for the kitchen area might be helpful too.
  • Stock your pantry. The kitchen should have extra food and water for at least 3 days in case of fire or flood that leaves you stranded for some time. Extra batteries and a list of emergency numbers is also important to be prepared.
  • Emergency modes of communication. Having a battery operated weather radio may be helpful in case cell phone communication is disrupted during an emergency. You can always use this radio to find information being broadcast in such an emergency.
  • Secret getaways for added security. Emergency escape ladders from the second floor and extra blankets and towels in the bedrooms/bathrooms are also a good way to be prepared for an emergency.

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