Flu Season is Back! Protect Your Office Healthy with These Tips

Flu Season in Office

fotolia_37194801_subscription_xxlStop the spread of colds and flu in your office this sneezing season.

The colder weather is here and so is cold and flu season. Running from November to January, these few months mean that many will be battling mucus, sneezes, and fevers. Before your office team starts to drop like flies due to colds and the flu, take precautions now!

Give them supplies: Set them up with their own box of tissues and waste basket to dispose of germ-filled tissues. Put a hand sanitizer dispenser on each employee’s desk so that they can reduce the spread of viruses. If people don’t have assigned desks, encourage each employee to sanitize the workstation before using it.

Let them work from home: To prevent the whole office coming down with a bug, encourage those who are feeling a little under the weather to work from home until they feel 100 percent.

Promote good nutrition: The best way to prevent cold and flu viruses is to improve the body’s resistance to the virus. Eat plant-based foods and limit your intake of dairy to minimize congestion and speed up the healing process. Eat plenty of greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds to promote immunity.

Encourage warnings: Talk with your team to let them know that it’s okay to speak up if they aren’t feeling well. Even though shaking hands is a common custom, it’s not necessary if one person isn’t 100 percent.

While you focus on regaining your team’s health, be sure that your company is protected. For information on how to save on your business insurance, contact the professionals at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency, serving MN, WI, FL, SD & AZ.