Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium Better for You Than Milk

Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium

Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium Better for You Than MilkPick up these healthy sources of calcium.

All of us know that calcium consumption is essential. It’s needed to maintain strong bones and to carry out many important bodily functions. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need milk to obtain calcium. In fact, drinking dairy milk can cause osteoporosis. This is a condition where bones become brittle, meaning that fractures and breaks are more likely. In many cases, non-dairy food sources of calcium can be healthier since they’re also sources of other vitamins and minerals.

Below are some fantastic sources of calcium that don’t contain any dairy! Pick up a few today.

Figs – This fiber and potassium-packed fruit is full of calcium. Figs also supply you with magnesium, a nutrient essential to maintaining muscle function, keeping your heart rhythm steady, and strengthening bones.

Kale – One cup of kale has about 100 milligrams of calcium, and just about the same amount of the nutrient gets absorbed whether you eat it raw or cooked (unlike spinach). Kale is one of the superfoods that you should be piling onto your plate!

Hemp Milk – It’s a great alternative to dairy milk, particularly for those who may be allergic to nuts or soy-based milk. One cup of hemp milk provides 30 percent of your recommended daily amount of calcium, as well as containing essential omega 3’s, iron, potassium, Vitamins A, D, E, and B-12! Neat, huh?

Tofu – Tofu contains 350mg of calcium per ½ cup serving! Better yet, whip up a tofu and kale salad for your fair share of calcium, along with plenty of other nutrients.

Bok Choy – Boy Choy is on par with kale in terms of calcium content, but is much more mild in flavor. It cooks quickly, making it easy to add to a stir-fry or soup!

Sweet Potatoes – In these little beauties, you get about 65 milligrams of calcium per cup. In addition, you get a sweeter, nuttier flavor than white potatoes, making them perfect for adding to any autumn dish.

Beans – White beans provides 63 milligrams of calcium in a ½ cup! These meaty little beans are rich in fiber, protein, iron, and full of calcium! Additionally, they contain resistant starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism.

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