Six Quick Ways to a Healthier You

How to Be Healthy

How to Be Healthy

Make healthier choices for the New Year to benefit your mind and body.

It’s a new year and it’s time to put your health resolutions and goals at the top of your priority list. Making healthier choices now impact your overall health, wellbeing, and mental state of mind. Even if you’re a busy professional, survive off junk food, or hate the idea of endless salads, there are plenty of ways to live a healthy, balanced life.

Make better snack choices. Swap the chips, sweets, and cakes for fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, or green smoothies. You’ll get the energy that you need as well as a lot of nutrients.

Cut back on your sugar intake. Sugar can leave us feeling drained of energy and messes with our skin. If you love sweet coffee, add a cinnamon stick instead. Eat sweet vegetables (carrots) instead of candy. Your body will soon love the taste of fresh vegetables and fruits when you give it a chance.

Walk or jog every day. Getting up just 30 minutes earlier in the morning will give you plenty of time to get in a morning walk or jog. Moving first thing in the morning boosts our serotonin levels, energizes us for the day ahead, and allows us to focus better throughout the day.

Eat right. Eat good fats, such as avocados, seeds, and coconut, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water every day. Part of what helps to get going every day is what we eat to fuel our body. Make healthier choices by cutting back on processed meats, cheeses, and sugars, and switch to green, plant-based foods.

Allow enough time to sleep. If you’re not getting the full 8 hours of sleep that is recommended for adults, you’re not alone. Plenty of Americans deprive themselves of sleep every night, but this quickly leads to depression, obesity, and overall poor health. Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep so that you can operate at 100 percent.

Do one thing that you love every day. It can be as small as cooking your favorite breakfast, writing down what you’re grateful for, or spending time with your loved ones. Doing something small for yourself is a great way to enhance serotonin levels on a regular basis.

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