How to Keep Your Business’s Data Safe

How to Keep Your Business’s Data Safe

How to Keep Your Business’s Data SafeStrategies to protect business data.  

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Although this is not as popular as Halloween or fall festivities, it is incredibly important for businesses of all sizes. No business is immune to cyber threats. Whether your business is small, large, established, or a start-up, you should know how to protect your business’s data. Doing so can prevent breaches and leaks that could end up with your business doors closing for good. To help, we’ve rounded up a few tips!

Control the use of data. Make sure all of your employees only have access to the information that is most relevant to their position or role. If you find that any employee can access valuable data, you will need to rethink safety – immediately. This will help to reduce the possibility of information getting deleted or altered.

Train your team. Did you know that, on average, 80 percent of data lost in a company is through human error? Training is key to avoid these incidents. Educate your team on how to spot malicious sites, phishing emails, and teach them the steps to take if they think data has been compromised. Making sure everyone is on the same page can help you protect your business.

Choose strong passwords. Make sure everyone on your team knows how to create a strong password and when to change passwords. Remind them to never write down the password or use the same one across multiple services.

Stay updated. Your system’s anti-virus and anti-malware is there for a reason! Make sure you have the right software for your needs and that it is kept up to date at all times.

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