What Can Void a Home Insurance Policy?

What Can Void a Home Insurance Policy?

What Can Void a Home Insurance Policy?Situations that can invalidate home insurance.

Your homeowners insurance is designed to protect you against perils and disasters. Most of the time, it does. However, there can be occasions where the homeowner makes a common error that leads to their home insurance policy getting cancelled. To continue protecting your property and finances, here are a few things that can void your home insurance.

Leaving it vacant.

Although you don’t need to check in with your insurer every time you decide to go on vacation, you are at risk of invalidating your coverage if you leave your home vacant. Accidents happen, but the effects can be devastating when you are not there to correct the situation. For example, burst pipes or fires can cause significant damage, even more so if you are not there to call for help.

Renovating your property.

Making significant changes to your home means you need to talk to your insurer. Your home insurance policy can only cover your property as detailed in your policy, as well as the value of the house. If you make changes that improve the value, you may be underinsured if you don’t let your agent know.

Starting a home-based business.

You may think nothing of using your office to start your business, but your homeowners policy protects your home and belongings – not business locations and belongings. If you have not informed your insurance agent about your home-based business, it is possible that none of your losses related to your business would be covered under your home policy. Worse still, your entire policy may be voided.

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