Insurance Your Startup Might Need

Get your business the protection it needs.

While your company gets up and running and on the road to success, ensure that it has the protection it needs and deserves. To keep all systems running smoothly, financial stability is imperative. Business insurance is designed to cover your business when it needs it the most, and it prevent accidents from financially draining your company.

For the critical startup business insurance, choose these five types of insurance:

  • Comprehensive General Liability
    This provides financial and legal assistance if you or one of your employees is involved in a personal-injury lawsuit.
  • Cyber Liability
    Every company, big or small, is at risk of cyber attacks such as malware and hacking. This can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. If employee’s Social Security numbers, vendor’s payment information, and clients’ personal information was to be released, not only would the reputation of the company be in tatters, but the monetary cost would be very high.
  • Health Insurance
    This insurance will attract appealing staff and maintain a solid work-force year round!
  • Workers’ Compensation
    This covers medical expenses and lost wages from an employee’s injury that happened on property during work hours.
  • Errors and Omissions Liability
    If your company provides incorrect professional advice or a particular service, a lawsuit could head your way. This aids in the expenses of that.

So that your business is fully covered no matter the circumstance, contact Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency for all of your business insurance needs in Hopkins, Minnesota today!