Make The Most of Summer With These Activity Ideas

Summer Activities

Even though the first day of school is fast approaching, summer is not quite over, which means neither is the fun! To ensure that you squeeze every family moment out of the summer, keep these family-friendly summer activities in mind.

  • Boogie down – push the furniture out of the way in your living room, turn on the stereo, and have a dance party with the whole family. Find age appropriate music and encourage all of your children to try out their best dance moves.
  • Meditate – while it may not be realistic to sit quietly for hours with your children, try some yoga. Even your youngest children will love trying to balance on one foot, while you can enjoy a quick workout.
  • Grab a book – head to the local library or bookstore and allow your children to pick out any book they want, as long as you approve of the content. Allowing your kids to pick out their own book will help them get excited about reading, even before they have to do so at school.
  • Play dress up – look through your old clothes or old Halloween costumes and let your children create their own look. You can even make props out of old cardboard boxes to let their imagination take the next step.
  • Enjoy the night – while the temperature is still warm at night, make the most of it. Head outside and look at the stars, or eat some s’mores on your back deck.
  • Get dirty – let your kid get as dirty as possible. Encourage them to dig a hole in the backyard, or go jumping in puddles after a summer storm. Make sure to bring some old towels outside with you so that you can wipe off some of the dirt before they head inside for a shower.

All of us at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency in Hopkins, Minnesota would like to encourage you to make the most of the end of summer with these activities!