Fill up on Your Fruit for National Nutritional Month!

March is National Nutritional Month!National Nutritional Month

Nationally recognized as National Nutrition Month, March is a month when the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spotlights the important role of healthy eating and physical activity in controlling weight and preventing chronic disease.

Unfortunately, these habits aren’t snap-your-fingers, easy-to-achieve goals to execute in fast-paced Minnesota.

Fortunately, to celebrate National Nutritional Month, here are some dietitian-approved health changes!

  • Keep healthy foods in the kitchen: Aim to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables while reducing your consumption of meat, carbs, and sugar. Pretty standard, right? Keep to this by only housing the former foods. You’ll be less inclined to give into chocolate if you don’t have it in the house.
  • Load up early, go light later: Americans tend to eat a light breakfast or skip it, grab a lunch, then eat the bulk of calories from dinner onwards. Instead, stabilize hunger hormones and avoid evening cravings by eating a fuller breakfast to shrink dinner portions while limiting nighttime snacking.
  • Have snacks ready: It can be hard to hunt down healthful snacks on the go – so bring your own! Pack nuts, trail mix, fruit, whole-grain crackers, and peanut butter for a healthy snack on the run!
  • Earn your calories: Add physical activity into their hectic lives in different ways, depending on the season. Go for a walk, run, go to the gym or play team sports to burn sufficient calories and maintain a healthy weight!

Be sure to make the most of your healthy living for National Nutritional Month!

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