Stay Safe at the Gas Pump!

Gas Pump Safety Tips

Be safe when fueling your car!Gas Pump Safety Tips

For us mere mortals who have yet to update to an electric car, filling up our vehicle’s gas tank is a regular task – one that happens more often than we’d like it to. While they may seem mundane, these trips to the gas station do come with the potential for mishaps.

Here are some top tips to use when you top off your gas tank:

  • Never fill up your vehicle while it’s running. If you leave a modern car running while you’re pumping, the check engine light is bound to come on. There are emission controls in place that actually pressurize your fuel system to check for leaks. If you take your gas cap off, you’ve created a giant leak, causing the check engine light to illuminate.
  • Never leave the pump unattended. Most fuel pumps have a lock switch where you can lock it to automatically top your car. While it may never happen, should you turn the lock on, go inside the station to get a snack, you may come back to your car to find gallons and gallons and gallons dumping onto the ground. Better safe than sorry, right?
  • Avoid using your phone. It’s a major distraction to what’s going on around you!
  • Only use approved fuel containers! No filling up any old container to pump into your lawnmower!
  • Don’t run your car too low on fuel. Don’t run your car too low on fuel. Not only is this potentially bad for the fuel pump—remember your fuel pump is cooled and lubricated by the fuel—but you can end up in the situation where you’re on the side of the road and you also reduce the options you have when getting fuel.

Now that you know tips to keep your car (and yourself) safe at the pump, ensure that you receive protection on and off the roads! Contact Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency in Hopkins, Minnesota for all of your auto insurance needs!