Benefits of Starting Yoga for National Yoga Awareness Month

National Yoga Awareness Month

Benefits of Starting Yoga For National Yoga Awareness MonthFind your Om this September during National Yoga Awareness Month.

Have you been loving September’s National Yoga Awareness? If you haven’t made the most of the free classes and benefits that yoga has to offer, it’s time to make the most of it for the rest of September!

Across the nation, people get involved with yoga classes, tutorials, and apps to improve their mental and physical health in September. During this month, plenty of businesses offer free yoga classes to those who want to try it out! Check out offers from your local studios.

Even if you’re skeptical about yoga, now is the time to try it out and find out how it helps you! Below are just a few benefits that you can reap from incorporating yoga into your routine.

Your brain function will improve. Bet you didn’t expect this one, did you? Well, hatha yoga, an ancient form that emphasizes physical postures can improve cognitive function, boosting focus and memory. Got an exam or big meeting coming up? Get practicing yoga!

Your bones will become stronger. Forget downing all that milk to get healthy, strong bones. A 2009 study found that practicing yoga could increase bone density among older adults.

Your anxiety will dissipate. Many yoga programs have been found to reduce anxiety and heighten brain chemicals that combat depression and anxiety-induced disorders.

Your chronic back pain will ease. Certain stretches in yoga have been found to be more efficient in reducing pain and improving your mood than standard medical treatment for chronic back pain.

You’ll become more flexible. Yoga practices in a hot room (called Bikram yoga) has been found to be effective in increasing shoulder, back, and hamstring flexibility.   

Your blood pressure will lower. If you have mild to moderate hypertension, yoga may help to reduce your blood pressure!

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