Questions Freelancers Should Ask Their Insurance Agents

Questions Freelances Should Ask Their Insurance Agents

Questions Freelances Should Ask Their Insurance AgentsSecuring business insurance when you freelance.

If you freelance, you may already know that you need new business insurance. Often, freelancers forget that they are exposed to certain risks and go without insurance. However, small business insurance offers a financial safety net if those risks come knocking.

If you are new to the world of business insurance, you will want to find a reliable agency to help you. Ask your insurance agent these questions to secure the right policy for your needs!

Does my homeowners insurance cover my business?
Typically, most homeowners or renters policies don’t cover business assets or risks. Policies vary, but check with your insurance agent to find out exclusions.

Do I need workers’ compensation?

It depends. Your state may require that you have workers’ compensation even if you’re working alone. If you work with independent contractors, consultants, or other freelancers, you may need to secure some form of insurance. This guide can help you determine if you need it or not.

Does my freelance insurance cover people I work with?

Your self-employed insurance covers you and any employees that work for your business. Unless your policy specifically lists other parties, this coverage does not extend to them. To cover a client or partner, you must add them to your policy as an “additional insured.” This coverage will protect the person, but it may be limited to a specific event or project.

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