Why Your Auto Insurer Needs to Know These Things

Why Your Auto Insurer Needs to Know These Things

Why Your Auto Insurer Needs to Know These ThingsInformation to prepare for your auto insurer.

If you are looking for auto insurance, you’ll need to prepare some information before looking for quotes. Not only does this save you time when entering your details on quote sites, but it also helps you to understand why auto insurers need such information and how it impacts your quote.

Your annual mileage. It stands to reason that the more you drive, the more you’re on the roads, therefore, the more likely it is that you’re involved in an accident. If you put a lot of miles on your car, you may end up paying more in insurance premiums than someone whose car barely leaves the driveway.

What you use the car for. Be prepared to answer this question truthfully. Most people use their cars for personal commuting, like getting to and from work. However, let’s say you deliver pizzas for a living or work for a rideshare company. Your personal auto insurance won’t be able to cover you while you’re using your vehicle for business purposes.

Your social security number. You don’t have to give the insurer your social security number, but if you do, you could get a more accurate quote. An influencing factor in nearly every state is your credit-based insurance score, and insurers cannot calculate that number without running a soft credit check using a social security number.

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