Safely Enjoy Your Campfire With These Tips

Campfire Safety

If you are planning a camping trip this summer, it will most likely include a campfire. While sitting around a campfire with all of your friends and family can be very relaxing and calming, it can also be very dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions. Keep these campfire safety tips in mind to fully enjoy your next fire.

  • Before you start a campfire, make sure that they are allowed in the area. Many national parks and recreational areas do not allow fires, even in a fire pit.
  • Always use a pit or fire ring for your campfire. If you do not have a pit that is available, dig a hole that is 1 foot deep and place rocks around the edge.
  • Clear away any twigs, dry grass, and other flammable items that are within a 10 foot area of the campfire. The area that you will be lighting the fire should be mostly gravel or dirt.
  • Do not use any pieces of wood that are larger than the ring and will hang over the edge of the pit to keep the fire safely contained.
  • When choosing a spot for your campfire, make sure that it is downwind from your campsite and is at least 15 feet away from vehicles, building, foliage, and camping equipment.
  • When putting out the fire, let the wood burn completely to ash, and then pour water over the embers until you can no longer hear a hissing sound, and then stir the ashes with a shovel to ensure that it is completely wet.

All of us at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency in Hopkins, Minnesota would like to remind you to keep these tips in mind to help keep you and your loved ones safe this summer.