Small Expenses That Cost Your Business Big

Small Expenses That Cost Your Business BigThese small-but-often expenses could be financially straining your business.

Every business owner wants to keep outgoing costs low and maintain high profit. You may already be thinking about certain expenses that you wish were lower each month. While the overhead of staff salaries, rent, transport, and fuel are significant outgoings that you can’t alter here and there, there are minor expenses that are in your control.

Keep your dollars in check by reducing these unexpected items that can cost your business big:

Phone Bills
Phone calls are likely to play a big part in your business, and it’s no surprise when the bill arrives. Keep your bills down by searching around for competitive tariffs, and make use of Skype calls which are much more affordable!

Pens, pencils, paper – your business is likely to have them all. While you may not think that the humble sticky notes will drain your business’s pockets, continually buying these additions can prove to be pricy. Always encourage your employees to print only when necessary. After all, most communications and documents are digital these days.

Tea and Coffee
The office tea and coffee supply may seem like a necessary staple that you purchase weekly, but you could be losing big bucks if you don’t buy in bulk. Always shop around for the best deal to keep your outgoing costs low and your employees caffeinated!

Consider making some smart money decisions by evaluating where your business is losing money! To protect the financial future of your business with reliable insurancecontact the professionals at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency, serving Hopkins, Minnesota.