Steer Clear of Wildlife on The Road

Maneuver your way around animals on the road and stay safe!

Nothing ruins your day quicker than taking a beautifully scenic drive and running into, quite literally, an animal on the road! Whether it’s a deer, badger, or a trio of ducklings in the middle of the street, the heart-tearing moment of swerving to protect the animal or plowing through and protecting your car passengers is a split second decision that is made.

Every year, the U.S encounters between 1 and 2 million collisions involving vehicles and large animals such as moose, deer, or elk. Moving forward. The good news is that most of these can be prevented.

Read below for some tips on how to best handle encounters with wildlife on the road:

  • Know the environment: If the area that you are driving is notorious for wandering moose or is a local hot-spot for watching leaping deer, be cautious in your driving! When driving in urban and suburban areas, smaller animals such as dogs, cats, and squirrels can sneak in front of your car.
  • Slow your speed: Stay focused on the street in front of you and be aware that animals may leap into your path at any time! Keep a close eye on road shoulders and be alert for the road ahead.
  • Don’t try odd tactics: Do not speed up, flash your lights, or beep your horn to try to scare the animal off – This will just confuse it. Be prepared to steer out of trouble, preferably to the side of the road, without making a violent stop or hitting the animal.
  • Consider a whistle: A bumper-mounted deer whistle emits a frequency that is inaudible to humans but can be heard by many wildlife animals and will scare them off.

Be alert, cautious, and slow when driving! Potential road hazards extend beyond animals, so be sure that you maintain the proper auto insurance. Protect your car with the right policy from Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency in Hopkins, Minnesota. Contact us today!