Tips for Winterizing Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Tips for Winterizing Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Tips for Winterizing Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Are you heading away for the holidays? Leave your home alone, safely.

Many Americans head out on vacation for the holidays, whether it’s to the sea or the ski slopes. But before you pack your bags and head out, take the time to the leave your home alone safe and sound. Winterizing your home helps to leave it in good condition while you’re not occupying the space.

Clean out the fridge. No one likes to come home to rotting food in the fridge. Eat or throw away perishable food and clean the shelves and drawers in hot, soapy water. If you’re leaving for more than a month, consider turning off your fridge, emptying it entirely, and leave it open a little to prevent mildew.

Drain the pipes. Turn off your water at the main valve and drain all pipes, including your exterior pipes. If the water in exposed and exterior pipes freezes, it will expand and may crack the pipes, causing a flood once the temperature rises. If you can, insulate your pipes for added protection.

Ask a friend. Ask a friend or trusty neighbor to check in on the house often. He or she can collect the mail, pick up the newspaper, water the plants, and ensure all is well with the house.

Turn down the heat. When no one is in the house, you don’t want to leave the heating system blasting. However, you also don’t want to turn off the heating completely, as it could freeze and cause larger problems. Leave your thermostat at a comfortable 50 degrees to keep the pipes running efficiently. If you have pets or sensitive plants, adjust the temperature accordingly.

Review your insurance. You may be on vacation, but accidents and theft can still happen. It’s best to protect your finances and home through a quality homeowners insurance policy. Ensure that you have adequate coverage for theft and disasters so that you can enjoy the season with the peace of mind that you’re protected.

The team at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency can help secure the right homeowners insurance for your needs. We can help to protect your property throughout the holiday season and beyond. Visit us today to get started. We serve Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, South Dakota, and Arizona.