Tips To Keep Your Car Running Its Best Through Winter

Car Winterizing Tips

With the cold weather still sticking around, you may be getting a little tired of bundling up every time you leave the house. However, it is important to keep in mind that you are not the only one who is affected by the cold weather, so is your car. Keep these winterizing tips in mind to ensure that your car continues to run its best through the rest of the winter season.

  • Oil – using less viscous oil, or thinner oil in the winter will help your engine run better all season. Using the right oil will help to ensure that your engine does not get too cold or too hot during the winter months.
  • Coolant – engine coolant helps to protect your engine from corrosion. Make sure that you use a coolant that contains ethylene glycol to best protect your engine in the cold. Check your owner’s manual for the right mixture of water and coolant that should be used in your vehicle.
  • Battery – your battery power can drain much more rapidly in the weather. Check all the cables that are connected to your battery for breaks or cracks. Make sure all the terminals fit snuggly and that there are no loose connections. Also look at the manufactures date to see when your battery was made. Older batteries loose power much quicker than newer batteries.
  • Tires – your tires are one of the most important parts of your car since they are the only part that touches the road. Check your tire pressure at least once a week since your tires can easily loose air from the cold weather. Also, make sure that there is enough tread on your tires to keep traction on icy and snowy winter roads.

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