What to Do Before You Move Out of Your Rented Accommodation

What to Do Before You Move Out of Your Rented AccommodationYour complete guide on what to do before you move out of your apartment. 

Moving is a chore, there is no doubt about it. Putting together a list of ‘must do’ tasks before moving is important, especially for renters. Aiming to leave the house or apartment in good shape is a given and can ensure that your security deposit is returned. Check out this list of things to do before you move out.


Leaving the place squeaky clean will go a long way toward making your landlord happy. Scrub the carpet, clean the kitchen appliances, make the windows shine, and sweep the porch. Although it is a lot of work, it is much easier to do when the place is empty. If you don’t have time to complete this step, you might consider hiring a professional cleaner to handle it for you.

Patch and Paint

If you’ve had artwork on the walls, remove any fasteners and use a little spackle to patch the holes. Remember to sand down the spackle so it is a smooth surface. If you’ve changed the wall colors and need to return them to their original blank slate, be sure to do so.

Gather Keys

Be sure that you have all the keys to your place rounded up to return to the landlord. This includes any extras that you made for your neighbors, friends, and family.

Document the Space

Remember to take photos of the place once everything is removed and the cleaning is done. If a dispute arises, you can document that you left the place in good condition.

Call Your Insurer

Let your renters insurance agency know that you will be moving out. Arrange a separate policy to come into effect when you move into another rented space or secure homeowners insurance if you bought a house.

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