iZup App Prevents Texting Behind the Wheel

SmartphonesApp To Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

When your teen starts driving, you probably feel a mixture of emotions. From excitement to worry, allowing your teen to get behind the wheel is a huge step in both of your lives. Knowing how to protect them while they are on the road can help to ease your mind each time they head out.

One of the biggest dangers that teen drivers face is texting while driving. While everyone knows the dangers that are associated with texting and driving, it is still one of the biggest issues. iZUP (eyes-up) is a new app that is helping to keep everyone safe behind the wheel.

iZUP was introduced at the CTIA Wireless conference and helps to prevent teens from texting while they are driving. When the app is installed on a phone, it will automatically turn on when it detects that it is moving over 5 miles per hour. When it is turned on, it does not allow the user to open an app, dial a number, or read or compose a text.

While most systems of the phone are turned off, there are still some systems that can be accessed. Users can dial an emergency number, as well as a few numbers that have been preapproved through the app and can be managed online. You can also access Google Maps to ensure that you always know where you are going. The app is password protected and can only be uninstalled by entering it in.

iZup works on a subscription plan, and is $5 a month for a single user and $50 for a yearlong subscription or $6 per month for a whole family and $60 for a family year plan.

Installing the iZup app and having the right auto insurance policy can help to ensure that your teen stays safe on the road. Contact Kurt Rolf Insurance for all of your auto insurance coverage needs.