Creating a Safe Workplace

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Keep Your Workplace Safe With These Tips

While some workplaces are safer than others, every workplace has potential risks that can lead to injuries. Keeping your employees safe while on the job should be one of your main priorities as a business owner. Use these tips to help prevent workplace injury.

  • Screen all of your job applicants to help ensure their ability to perform. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between discrimination due to age and making sure that an employee has the ability to perform the necessary tasks that are required for a job.
  • Train all of your employees on the proper safety procedures and make sure that everyone has a written copy of all the safety protocols.
  • Safety training should be an ongoing process and should extend beyond just an orientation for all new hires. Safety training should be done at least twice a year with all employees to ensure that everyone is up to date with all of the best safety practices.
  • Make sure all of your employees have the proper safety gear, including earplugs and goggles. Inspect all safety equipment regularly to ensure that it is working properly. Replace any equipment that is old or outdated.
  • All employees should have basic emergency first aid procedures training in case an accident occurs at work. Employees should also know where all medical supplies are located.
  • Encourage all of your employees to live a healthy lifestyle by offering nutritious snacks in break rooms, and seminars on how to reduce stress. Employees that are healthy are much less likely to sustain injuries on the job.

Having the right worker’s compensation insurance policy can help to ensure that all of your employees stay safe while on the job. Contact Kurt Rolf Insurance, for all of your business insurance coverage needs.