Protecting Your Boat From Breakdowns This Season

If your boat breaks down, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right coverage. Summer is here and many people are dusting off their boats to go sailing in the sun! While this is all well and good, not readying your boat could lead to an unsurpassable bridge over troubled waters. What’s more is breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive. In short, prepare your boat and put these habits into SEE MORE      >

Tips for Bringing Boat Out of Storage

Add your boat to your spring cleaning list! As spring is well and truly upon us in Hopkins, Minnesota, be sure to prep your boat before heading on the waters for the first time this year! After a long and stationary winter, your boat will need some TLC before setting sail. Proper boat maintenance keeps your boat performing at its best, all year long! So that you don’t hit rocky shores while SEE MORE      >