Enjoy An Organized Carpool This School Year With These Tips

Carpooling Tips

The new school season is here, which means that it is time to organize your neighborhood carpool. Creating a carpool schedule with other families in the area is a great way to give you more time some mornings while helping out where you can. Keep these carpooling tips in mind to help get your kids to school on time and in an organized fashion.

  • Get organized – the best way to stay organized throughout the entire year is to start out organized. Set up a schedule with your all the families involved so that you all know what days will work best for everyone. Try to keep only families that are within a couple minutes of each other in the carpool since it will make it much easier for everyone.
  • Have emergency contacts – accidents happen, which is why you want to be prepared for anything. Once you know who will be involved in the carpool, make an emergency contact list so that you know who to call in case an accident does happen. The list should include names, contact information, and addresses of everyone in the carpool.
  • Consider extracurricular activities – if your kids are in any after school activities, make sure to keep them in mind when creating a carpool schedule. You may want to consider carpooling with families of the children who are in the same program and will be on the same schedule.
  • Do not be late – if one person in the carpool is running behind, the entire car will be behind. Try to get up a couple minutes early and plan the night before to make sure that you are on time for your carpool.

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