How Crumple Zones Are Saving Lives

Crumple zones on vehicles work to keep you safe during a crash. New vehicles are meant to crumple during a crash. While that may seem like a horrible way to design vehicles, these crumple zones actually work to keep you safe during accidents. The number of deaths that are due to motor vehicle accidents has decreased every year, except 2012, and many of those saved lives can be attributed to safer SEE MORE      >

Why Minnesota Should Adopt A Helmet Law

A helmet law can help to save lives. Riding a motorcycle can give you a sense of freedom. Unfortunately, it can also be much more dangerous than driving a car down the road. Minnesota does not require motorcycle riders to wear helmets, which may be one of the causes of the increased number of motorcycle related deaths in the past couple of years. Thanks to the warm spring, summer, and fall SEE MORE      >