Your Guide to Minnesota Fall Home Maintenance

Your Guide to Minnesota Fall Home Maintenance

Quick Guide to Fall Home Maintenance in Minnesota

How to Ready your Minnesota home for the upcoming winter weather.

Before each season, homeowners tend to prepare their home for the upcoming seasonal demands – and rightly so. Each season, your home goes through changes in temperature, weather conditions, aging, and wear and tear.

Now that we are officially in autumn, it is time to ready your home before the cooler weather hits!

1. Clean out your gutters and downspouts. Plus, examine your roof.

Tree debris may have accumulated over the Minnesota summer months. Hence, it’s essential to clean out your gutters to keep water away from your home. Don’t forget to check your downspouts and point them away from the home’s foundation. If your roof is leaking, fix it immediately because Minnesota winters can be server and cause more damage.

2. Don’t forget to change the furnace filters in your home!

During the Minnesota winter months cleaner air will ultimately keep your family healthier. Therefore if you have a central air conditioning system change your filter in the fall before winter hits. Especially if you have pets and kids. In the fall you can check and clean other home filters like clothes dryers, vents and fans.

3. If you have drafts in windows and doors add weather stripping or window plastics.

To keep your house warm in the fall and winter check your window and doors for gaps. Use weather stripping or all weather caulk to fill in the gaps. If your in an older home 3M window plastics are a great way to stop the cold winter drafts.

Do you need Minnesota Homeowners Insurance?

Now that your home is ready for fall, give your homeowners’ insurance policy a once over to ensure that you’re covered for the upcoming weather!

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