What to Do When You’re Stranded at Sea

8dcf83cbIf your boat breaks down, you’ll want to ensure that you have the coverage.

Spring is here, summer is right around the corner, and many people are dusting off their boats to go sailing in the sun! While this is all well and good, not de-winterizing your boat could lead to an unsurpassable bridge over troubled waters.

In short, prepare your boat and put these habits into practice to ease your troubles of breaking down.

  • Take a boating safety course. Being prepared is the key to avoiding problems.
  • Understand the VHF radio. This is more reliable than your smartphone.
  • Learn the basics of navigation so that you can pinpoint your location to recovery services.
  • Always stock the minimum number of fire extinguishers, flares, and life jackets on board.
  • Never drink and sail. Mixing alcohol with water activities can lead to deadly situations.
  • Watch the weather – avoid taking the boat out in the wind, rain, and storms.
  • Never panic if you break down. Stay calm and act accordingly.
  • Review your boat insurance.

Mechanical breakdown coverage for boats and yachts is worth its weight in gold. With this coverage, you get “Service Assist” that will provide on-water towing, hoist/lift-out, haul-out, dockside repair call, and pick up and delivery!

While many boat owners are already cringing at the thought of the price of this coverage, fear not! Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency offers free mechanical breakdown coverage for boats and yachts. This means that you can enjoy your sailing with the knowledge that should any breakdown occur, you’re completely covered and will get home safely!

It’s essential that you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your guests onboard, and your boat. Fortunately, a reliable boat insurance policy will protect your financial investments and future funds.

Contact Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency for all of your boat and watercraft insurance coverage, along with your free mechanical breakdown coverage in Hopkins, Minnesota!