How to Stay Healthy While Traveling Over the Holidays

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling Over the Holidays

Tips to help you stay healthy while traveling during the festive season.

No one plans to get sick on vacation, but it does happen. Among the gas stations, public restrooms, close quarters of an airplane, and cooler weather, it’s possible to pick up a bug along the way. To avoid getting sick and missing out on festive fun, check out these simple things you can do to ensure you’re staying healthy while traveling during the holidays.

Boost your immune system.

Supporting your immune system is a powerful way to help prevent sickness and disease in general. The foundation of a strong immune system is a healthy diet. Before, during, and after your trip, boost your immunity by eating a healthy travel snack like fruits and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens and berries. Grab a salad or a fruit cup at the airport instead of junk food.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep can hinder our physical and emotional health. Consider packing a travel pillow, earplugs, and noise-canceling headphones to help you sleep more soundly on airplanes and drives.

Stay active.

A great way to stay fit and healthy and fight off unwanted infections is to exercise. Exercise will help to boost your energy and mood while traveling. If you are traveling via plane, you may not have a car at your destination. Take this opportunity to walk more to get your body moving. Encourage your family and friends to take a walk around the neighborhood after the meal to reap the benefits of a healthy mind and body.

Wash your hands regularly.

This is an obvious point, but it’s surprising how many people forget how important it is to follow through. When you travel, you can come into contact with surfaces that many other people have touched. Get into the habit of washing your hands often, especially before eating or touching your face. If no sink is available, clean your hands with hand sanitizer.

A little preparation and mindfulness can help you stay healthy during travel. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage to address all your needs. To find the best policy for you, contact the professionals at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency. Our dedicated team serves all your insurance needs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, South Dakota, and Arizona.