Is Your Kid’s Car Seat Keeping Them Safe?

Car seat tips all Hopkins, MN parents should know.

Getting into a car accident with your child in the car can be one of the scariest moments as a parent. Luckily, if you have a properly installed child seat, you can rest a little easier knowing that they are safe. Keep these child seat safety tips in combination with your Hopkins, MN auto insurance policy to keep you bundle of joy safe while in the car.

  • The only way that a child seat can work properly is if it is properly installed. You can head to your local fire department to ensure that the seat is properly installed. There are many Safe Kids car seat checkup events throughout the year that can help to keep your child safe.
  • Keep your child in a rear-facing child seat for as long as possible – about 2 years old – to keep them as safe as possible. Rear-facing car seats provide the most amount of protection for children’s spine, neck, and spine.
  • When your child graduates to a front facing car seat, install the seat in the back seat and make sure that the top tether is tight.
  • Depending on the limits of the car seat, children may be able to remain in the seat until they are at least 65 pounds.
  • Once your car seat is installed, tug on it where the seatbelt goes through. The seat should not be able to move more than an inch in any direction.

Along with checking the car seat itself, you should also consider the anchors in your vehicle. Some anchors are only strong enough to hold around 40 pounds, which can be the weight of the car seat itself. Make sure that the anchor in your vehicle is strong enough to hold the weight of the seat and your child.

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