Keep Your Bicycle Safe With These Tips

Bike Security Tips

Bikes are a great way to get around while still enjoying the beautiful summer weather. You may not even consider your insurance coverage while you are cruising down the street, but it is important to make sure that you and your two-wheeler are protected with the right insurance policy.

According to the National Bike Registry Set, more than 1 million bikes are stolen each year. Luckily, your existing renter’s or homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage if your bike is stolen, no matter if it is stolen out of your yard or in front of your favorite coffee shop. Keep in mind that you will first have to pay your deductible, so consider the cost of your bike before you make a claim. If you got your bike for $20 at a garage sale, you may want to skip out on making a claim to avoid rate hikes with your policy. However, if you spent a few thousand dollars on your specialized downhill bike, making a claim may be your best bet.

Taking the right steps to prevent your bike from being stolen can help to avoid the entire claims process. Keep these bike security tips in mind to keep your bike safe from any thieves.

  • Lock your bike tightly. If you have a quick release on the front wheel of your bike, take it off and lock it to the back wheel so that you are able to lock both wheels and the frame together.
  • Use a U-shaped lock whenever possible since they are much harder to break or open without the proper key.
  • Lock your bike in an area that has plenty of pedestrian traffic and is well lit to help avoid theft.

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