Firework Safety Tips for the Holiday Weekend

Firework Safety 101

As Fourth of July fast approaches, you may find yourself stocking up on fireworks. While they can make a dazzling lights display in the sky, they can also lead to serious injuries and other damage if they are not used properly. To ensure that you have a safe and fun holiday weekend, keep these firework safety tips in mind.

  • Check with your local police and fire department before you head out and buy any fireworks to make sure that they are legal in your area. If they are not legal, avoid buying any fireworks and find a nearby show where you can enjoy the lighted sky.
  • Never allow children to play with fireworks, even small ones. Firecrackers and sparklers are very dangerous and can cause serious harm to small children. If you allow your older kids to use sparklers, make sure that they hold them away from their clothing, face, and hair.
  • If you are buying fireworks, make sure that they are legal. Legal fireworks will be labeled with directions and the manufacture’s name.
  • When you are using fireworks, make sure to always have a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher nearby so that you can put out any small fires that may start.
  • Always point fireworks away from any buildings, people, and pets, even if they are unlit. Fireworks contain many unstable chemicals that can easily go off with little or no warning.
  • If a firework does not go off, do not try and relight it. Do not approach the firework for at least 20 minutes to ensure that it does not accidently spark.
  • When you are throwing away any fireworks, both used and unused, soak them in water before you throw them out to ensure that they do not explode.

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