How Crumple Zones Are Saving Lives

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Crumple zones on vehicles work to keep you safe during a crash.

New vehicles are meant to crumple during a crash. While that may seem like a horrible way to design vehicles, these crumple zones actually work to keep you safe during accidents. The number of deaths that are due to motor vehicle accidents has decreased every year, except 2012, and many of those saved lives can be attributed to safer vehicles.

Crumple zones are meant to transfer some of the kinetic energy of your car during a crash into a controlled deformation, or crumpling, of your vehicle. While these crumple zones create more damage to your car, they dramatically decrease the likelihood that you will be injured. Crumple zones allow your vehicle to take more time to come to a complete stop during an accident, which helps to lower the impact force and increase survival space for all passengers in your vehicle.

Along with the crumple zones of vehicles, many other new features are working to keep you safe when you get behind the wheel of your car. Airbags, seat belts, head restraints, and other interior features help to minimize your injuries during an accident. Almost every new passenger vehicle comes with electronic stability control which helps drivers stay in control of the vehicle during a skid.

When looking for your next car, take the time to consider all the safety features that are available. The more safety features that you choose, the better protected you will be while on the road.

Along with choosing the right car, choosing the right car insurance policy can help to give you the protection that you deserve while on the road. Contact the independent insurance professionals at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency in Hopkins, Minnesota for all of your auto insurance needs.