Tips for a Safe New Year’s Eve

Stay safe as you ring in the New Year!

It’s almost time to celebrate the end of 2017 and the fresh beginning of 2018! As New Year’s Eve is an occasion to celebrate, the last thing you want is to experience a disaster or injury. Whether you choose to watch the ball drop or attend a party with friends and family, certain celebrations come with a great deal of risk. Ring in the New Year with these tips in mind.

Don’t drive drunk.

It’s a holiday tradition to celebrate the New Year with a toast of champagne, but be careful not to go overboard. If you do choose to drink, be responsible. Never get behind the wheel while intoxicated. With taxis, Uber, and Lyft around, there are plenty of ways to get home safely!

Use group mentality.

If you’re out bar-hopping or the like this New Year’s Eve, make sure to have a buddy. Be alert and aware of your surroundings. There is safety in numbers, so stick with a group of people you know, if possible.

Take care of your guests.

If you have family and friends celebrating at your house, ensure that everyone who leaves the party is traveling home safely. A designated driver or a taxi should be called for those who have had too much to drink.

Celebrate on a full stomach.

Before you have an alcoholic drink, fill up on a hearty meal and continue to snack while drinking. Eating while drinking will slow down the absorption of alcohol in the digestive tract. This can ultimately help you to take it easy on New Year’s!

Drive defensively.

Even if you aren’t drinking, there may be some drunk drivers on the road. If you see a vehicle driving erratically, whether it’s from intoxication or adverse road conditions, call the cops and stay well away from the vehicle.

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