Why to Review Your Insurance Policies at the End of the Year

Why to Review Your Insurance Policies at the End of the Year

Why to Review Your Insurance Policies at the End of the Year

Have you made a list? Are you checking your insurance coverage twice? Start off the New Year protected.  

As the New Year approaches, many of us vow to make better choices in 2018. From losing weight to saving money to enjoying life, resolutions mean that we assess our lifestyle. Along with this time, policyholders should start to review their insurance coverage to ensure they are well protected in the New Year. Many people’s lifestyles change throughout the year, too, so now is a great time to double-check coverage.

Here’s what to look out for when reviewing your coverage.

Homeowners Insurance

  • Change in value – If your house has increased in value, the amount of your policy may not be enough to rebuild your home completely. Improvements or renovations, whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, warrant upgrading your insurance.
  • Extended coverage – Did you receive high-value items underneath the tree this holiday? Jewelry and other valuables may need additional protection in the form of a rider.
  • New discounts – Insurers add and change discounts all the time, so it’s worth asking if you are eligible for any. Many insurers give a sizable discount if you bundle all of your insurance policies with them.

Life Insurance

  • Life changes – Has there been a birth, death, marriage, or divorce in the family? Lifestyle changes may require adjustments to your policy.
  • Changes in income – If your income has increased significantly, you may need to increase your coverage for your family to maintain their standard of living, should you pass away. If your income is lower than what it was when you first took out the policy, you may need to work with your agent to find affordable coverage.

 Auto Insurance

  • New drivers – Has your teen started driving? You will need to get them a policy of their own or add them onto your coverage.
  • Car status – As your car ages, you may be able to drop collision and comprehensive coverage as the annual premiums start to approach the current value of the vehicle.

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