Is Your Car Protected From Hail Damage?

Auto Insurance and Hail Damage Coverage

Minnesota is well known for winter sports and severe winter weather, including hail and snow. Though many may not know, hail can cause serious damage to your personal property, especially your car. Having the right auto insurance policy can help to ensure that you are financially protected from any hail damage to your vehicle.

Hail can cause many different types of damage to your car. From small dents and deep divots, to clear coat damage, the damage that is caused by hail can come with a high repair bill. Knowing that your auto insurance policy will provide protection for the damage can help to make sure that you are not left digging deep into your pockets to get your car looking like new.

Keep in mind that not all auto insurance policies will pay for hail damage in full. Looking at your specific policy and talking with your insurance agent can help you figure out how much coverage you have. Some policies will pay for all coverage, while others may only pay for dents and dings.

The only way that your auto insurance policy will provide coverage is if you have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages that are caused by an incident other than a car accident, and needs to be added to the liability coverage that is required in the state of Utah.

For all of your auto insurance needs, contact the insurance professionals at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency. As an independent insurance company, we are able to offer you many different policies and coverage options to make sure you find the policy that is tailored to your needs.