Stay Afloat With The Right Flood Insurance Policy

Flood Insurance 101

While the warming temperatures mean good news for your heating bill, they can also lead to much more serious issues, such as floods. The spring thaw can lead to a rush of water hitting your house, which can mean serious damage or destruction. While your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide coverage for many different situations, it will not provide any coverage for damage that is done by a flood.

The only way to protect your home and assets from a flood is to invest in a separate flood insurance policy. It is important to keep in mind that flood insurance policies take 30 days before they will provide coverage, so do not wait to invest. If you wait for the spring thaw to enroll in a policy, you may not have coverage when a flood hits.

Along with the spring thaw, there are many other spring flood risks, including:

  • Spring rains – spring storms can dump several inches of rain in a very short amount of time. As the ground gets oversaturated and the storm drains overflow, the continuing rainfall can cause a flood.
  • Flash flooding – low-lying areas are much more susceptible to flash flooding, but they are not the only areas that are at risk. All areas are at risk of a flash flood, especially during and after a thunderstorm or intense rainfall.
  • Ice dams – as the water levels in rivers rise, it can push the covering ice layer of the river to be pushed into one area, which can dam up the river, causing the water to spill over and flood the surrounding area.

Contact the insurance professionals at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency in Hopkins, Minnesota for all of your flood insurance coverage needs. We will work with you to make sure that your home and assets are protected in case of a flood this season.