5 Ways To Get Your House Ready For Summer

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is officially here, which means the even warmer summer temperatures are just around the corner. While you are putting away your heavy winter coats and getting out your flip-flops, it is also the best time to prepare your house for the season. To ensure that your house is ready for the increasing temperatures of the season, keep these 5 home maintenance tips in mind.

  1. Have your roof inspected – hire a professional to check the caulking, shingles, and roof flashing at your house. If there are any issues, make sure they are fixed as soon as possible.
  2. Check around all doors and windows – inspect the caulking and weather stripping around all the windows and doors at your house. Properly sealing your house can help it stay at a comfortable temperature all season long.
  3. Redirect your ceiling fans – if you had reversed your ceiling fan to help keep your house warmer during the winter, it is time to switch them back to help keep your home cooler during the warm weather.
  4. Clean the dryer vents – if your dryer vents are clogged, it can cause the warm air to blow back into the room that holds your dryer, which can cause your house to reach high temperatures. Clean out the vents to ensure that the hot air can properly blow away from your house.
  5. Plant a tree – plant a tree that will provide a good amount of shade next to your air conditioner unit outside. Shading the outside of the unit can help it run more efficiently, keeping your house cooler.

The changing season is also the best time to look over your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage. Contact the insurance professionals at Kurt Rolf Insurance Agency in Hopkins, Minnesota for all of your home insurance needs.