Dangers Of Ice Dams

Ice Damns & Insurance Hopkins MN

Knowing how to prevent and clear ice dams will help to protect your house from damage.

As the snow starts to fall, ice dams start to form. Ice dams that build up on your roof can cause serious damage to both your roof and walls if not taken care of. Keep this handy guide in mind to help you prevent and remove ice dams from your roof.

To help prevent ice dams from forming:

  • Remove the snow from your roof after every storm. Use a roof rake to clear the snow from your roof at least three feet up from the edge. Along with helping to prevent ice dams from forming, removing the snow will also help to reduce the stress on your roof.
  • Clear out your downspouts. Clear downspouts allow water to easily drain off your roof so that is does not collect in your rain gutter.

Know how to spot and ice dam:

  • Take a look at the icicles that are hanging off of your roof. If the icicles are only on your rain gutters and there is no water trapped behind it, you probably don’t have to worry about an ice dam. Icicles can still be a danger, so you should remove them before they get too large.
  • Look for water stains around the tops or exterior walls or in your attic. Moisture stains can indicate that an ice dam has pushed water under your roof membrane.

To remove an ice dam:

  • Fill a nylon sock with calcium chloride ice melt and place it across the ice dam vertically to melt a channel through the dam. Make sure you are using calcium chloride and not rock salt since rock salt can damage your roof.

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