Dangers Of Ice Dams

Knowing how to prevent and clear ice dams will help to protect your house from damage. As the snow starts to fall, ice dams start to form. Ice dams that build up on your roof can cause serious damage to both your roof and walls if not taken care of. Keep this handy guide in mind to help you prevent and remove ice dams from your roof. To help prevent ice dams from forming: Remove the snow SEE MORE      >

Protect Your Basement From A Flood With These Tips

Home Maintenance Tips With the start of fall and winter, it is time to put away your flip flops and pull out your jackets and umbrella. The cooler weather also brings in the wet season, making it the perfect time to make sure that your house is safe from any flooding. Keep these home maintenance tips in mind to make sure that your basement is not ruined by a flood. Clear out any debris that SEE MORE      >