Tips to Take Better Travel Photos

Take Better Photos on Holiday

Savor your traveling experiences with the best photos you’ve ever taken.

It wasn’t that long ago when holiday photos were developed and stuffed into boxes, only to be stored in the garage. These days, photos are constantly filling homes in the form of photo frames, digital frames, and on smartphones.

Even if you’re not the best photographer, there are ways to make your photos look professional, interesting, and above all, better! Whether you’re taking your high-end digital camera or opting to rely on your smartphone, here are some easy tech tips to help you improve your photos!

Take a step back.
Don’t just capture close-ups. Take a moment to focus on all the beauty that’s around you.

Include signage.
The name and price of vegetables at a farmer’s market written in the local language, the creatively painted store signs, and even city street signs will give your images a lively sense of place.

Capture the essence of the locals.
Take pictures of local people to snap the sense of culture and community present in the destination. The human element always adds interest to your images, but always ask before taking someone’s picture!

Resist taking traditional postcard shots.
When visiting a famous landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower, try shooting from a different perspective. Take close ups of the metal beams and bolts, snap repeated patterns – be creative!

Pick a theme or two for each day.
Mix it up and don’t feel overwhelmed to capture everything in one day. Play with different themes for different days, whether it’s architecture, people, wildlife, or objects!

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